Friday, 28 November 2008

Techno Pressure!

Gotta keep up the pressure.
Been a busy week at work, but it's also been a busy month (damn is November nearly over already!) on the decks and back on the 10th I threw down a selection of techno tunes from axross the last decade.

Back between about 95-2000 I bought a lot (and mean a real lot) of US and European techno, much of it in the Mills/Surgeon/Beltram/Advent vein; I was clubbing a lot at the time, primarily and House of God and Atomic Jam in Birmingham, my home town at the time. I still have all these tunes of course, and every now and then the pile gets supplemented.

That is how this mix came about, first I picked up some bargain tunes from DJ Punisher, who runs Seismic records, Detroit. Two 4-track EPs from the early 2000's. Secondly, a rather surprising track turned up in the shape of Oliver Klein's remix of James Holden's "One For You", a £1 record fair purchase, I love Holden's style, but would normally count him as edgy progressive-trance, not techno, but this mix more than creeps into techno territory. So here I had some quality "new" material (new in my collection if not to the world at large) , and I felt the need to dig out some quality tunes to join it all up.

The results are here, tracklisting as follows:

Joel Mull - The Mole (Ben Sims "Just Don't Understand" Remix) [Primevil]
Wind's - Detention (D'Jedi Rmx) [Calme]
Greg Gow - Chemical Compounds A2 [Seismic]
Simon Digby - Bottom Line (G Flame's I Want Remix) [Strive]
Joey Beltram - The Infinite Wisdom [STX]
Ken Ishii - Misprogrammed Day [R&S]
James Holden - One For You (Oliver Klein Remix) [Direction / Silver Planet]
Grudge - Pneumonia [Seismic]
Marco Lenzi - Who Cares B2 [Who Cares]
Virulent - Hive Minded [Seismic]
Electric Deluxe - Electric Deluxe (Cristian Varela Remix 1.0) [Additive]
Electric Deluxe - Electric Deluxe [Plus 8]
Steve Bicknell - Why? And For Whom? (Surgeon Definition) [Cosmic]
Mark Williams - Drum Generation Prt 2 [Drumworks]
Cozmic Spore & Fanon flowers - Chemical Compounds B1 [Seismic]
Cozmic Spore - IT [Seismic]
Cozmic Spore - Chemical Compounds A1 [Seismic]
Punisher - Dilated [Seismic]
Alenia - Chemical Compounds B2 [Seismic]
Dean Rodell - Dissolved Distance [Drumcode]
Bandulu - Running Time [Blanco Y Negro]

And download it here!

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