Monday, 11 October 2010

Liquid City III

Just a quick post. I should have blogged this ages ago when I uploaded it to Soundcloud

Liquid City III is (as the name implies) the third in a series of Liquid D&B mixes.
This one veers towards the new trend that some call "micro D&B", (in a similar vein to minimal house - stripped down sounds), exemplified by the FabricLive 50 mix from d-Bridge and Instra:mental.

I gathered as many of their tracks and similar material I could to make this mix. Most of it fails to reach the extremes that they achieved for the Fabric Live release, but since making this mix I have acquired more, including most of Instra:mental's nonplus labels output, which will go into Liquid City IV !!

Anyway the tracklist is available at the Soundcloud Link for the mix