Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Just in case its not clear from my last post, none of the previously listed mixes are currently available. Sorry about that.

This is the fault of PIPEX and Pipex alone.

I will post again as soon as anything is available elsewhere.

Reset (aka the Pipex saga continues)

Well, following my last entry, things got worse. My entire web page on Pipex disappeared, clean off the face of cyberspace. When I rang support all they could do was reinstate my page with none of my data. No excuses, no apologies, no explanation other than that this was as a result of a move to new Tiscali servers. Presumably the batch job to move the data couldn't cope with my 7Gb of mixes.

In spite of having had no notification of a change of conditions of service, my previously unlimited webspace is now limited to 100Mb. If Tiscali do one more thing to annoy me (last year I got my broadband cut off for a fortnight when I moved my phone service away from them), they will lose my custom entirely.

Still, there are various services out there, although file size limits such as 50Mb per file on Microsoft are a little restrictive.

My next step will be some uploads to , obviously only my dubstep mixes will appear on here.

Work-in progress, watch this space