Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Return and Revenge of Dubstep

Back again.
Things are coming thick and fast. I hope I can keep up the pace. I have loads of mixes to upload and publicise as I have said, And right now I want to get my latest efforts online as quickly as possible!

So first up this week is my newest dubstep mix, which was recorded earlier in the month - 7th Nov to be precise.

Now of course dubstep is the sound du jour and everyone is putting out dubstep mixes at the moment, and I have to confess to climbing on the bandwagon a bit late. That said, I have liked the sound of the music since I first encountered it, before the dubstep name had become unequivocal, and terms like grime, eski and niche were also still being used if not interchangeably, then at least overlapping- although many would no doubt still argue the distinctions!

The sad thing is that I don't own much dubstep, the main reason being a shortage of funds. I actually heard a new style of music I really liked, and rather fearing it could become a money pit, almost deliberately avoided getting "into" it. 10 years ago or so I was spending literally hundreds a month on music, as a single person with small outgoings this was possible. Now that is no longer true, the mortgage is over twice the size, there are extra mouths to feed etc etc.

Anyway enough of that, what about the music. Well, a mixture across the last 3 years or so and varying styles in dubstep. The four Planet-Mu tunes are all off the same compilation. Planet Mu was set up by Mike Paradinas a decade or so ago. He is a long-time Aphex Twin cohort and I was into his stuff as Mu-Ziq from the mid-90s, and he helped introduce many other artists such as Jega and Shitmat to the world. More recently his label has diversified and released dubstepalongside the other styles of experimental electronica. I think its a good fit - Dubstep is a return to the dancefloor for experimental sounds, as it has a wide span of styles that encompasses electronic tweaking as much as dancehall stylings.

A few other notable tunes in the mix:

Breakage - Dharma ("Lost" references anyone?) is a great dubstep tune from this Drum & Bass producer, really dark and deep, and available free from the Digital Soundboy website! Rossi B & Luca brought the fantastic UB40 "One In Ten" based "Nobody Knows" that I used in my earlier dubstep mix (two B-side tracks are in this mix here), and on checking their back catalog I discovered this wicked rework of the Specials' "Ghost Town".

J:Kenzo brings "Tekno Bass" to the party, a tune that references my love for Aux 88, a wicked Detroit Electro-Bass outfit, while the D&B Contingent return towards the end with TC and Chase & Status representing big-style. That TC remix by Caspa absolutely rips, and has been tearing up D&B dancefloors so much that it was in the official 1Xtra & Radio 1 D&B Top 10! Chase & Status are one of the artists of 2008 for me - their capability in producing not just D&B, but dubstep and also hip-hop/funk (check "Against All Odds" on their debut LP More Than Alot) is astounding. Burial's "U Hurt Me" rounds things off, just chilling the mood slightly.

Finally listen up for Burial - Archangel in the mix, it might not appear to be well placed in the tracklist order, but I hope you enjoy my indulgence.

Vex'd - 3rd Choice [Planet Mu]
Skream - Stagger [Tempa]
Breakage - Dharma [Digital Soundboy]
Skream - Rutten [Tempa]
Benga & Coki - Emotions [Tempa]
Pinch - Punisher [Planet Mu]
Boxcutter - Chiral [Planet Mu]
Distance - Traffic [Planet Mu]
Rossi B & Luca - Optimus Prime [Heavy Artillery]
Slaughter Mob - Break Out [Urban Graffiti]
Rossi B & Luca - Pull Up [Heavy Artillery]
Rossi B & Luca - Ghost Town [A.R.M.Y.]
J.Kenzo - Tekno Bass [Soul Shakerz]
Burial - Archangel [Hyperdub]
TC - Where's My Money [D-Style]
Rusko - Cockney Thug [Sub Soldiers]
Chase & Status - Eastern Jam [Ram]
Burial - U Hurt Me [Hyperdub]

Oh and you'll need the link!


DrDim said...

wicked beats dude - love "where's my money", currently blearing out over ST5.nice mix in all, some to skank to/some to chill too/some to get your booty down to/some that stink/some in pink some that slam funk the house too...boo! PEACE! :-)

Steady J said...

mixis now available at http://dubstepdownloads.com/mix_upload/steady_j_-_3rd_choice_(dubstep)_15_11_08.mp3

Dr. Timothy Barker said...

nice! :-))