Sunday, 28 September 2008

Opening the door

OK, so I'm in! My first blog (unless you count some posts on the "blog" section of myspace). right.

Well I'm not going for the blog as a big thing, this is really a place to link to my latest mixes in a more presentable format than the raw html I have uploaded to the host page (see link from the right-hand pane if you want to see my 1995-style homepage!).

In addition I may occasionally add my musings on the world of dance music and clubbing. I have over 20 years of record collecting and following the dance music scene to draw on, and I still go out occasionally, as well as keeping up with the scene as best I can from Radio 1 etc, with the limited time that a hectic family and business lifestyle can allow, all topped off with spending as much time as I can on the decks, as this is my main hobby and form of relaxation!

I have already uploaded a couple of dozen mixes, but I will post separate blog links to the best ones from here as it all looks a bit nicer.


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