Sunday, 28 September 2008

Kicking Off

OK so now I've done the intros, I'll kick off with one of my mixes.
One I'm particularly proud of is my first attempt at a dubstep mix, which I did back in April
I don't have too many dubstep tunes, but I hope you'll agree those that I do have are pretty top notch. There is a fair variety in the mix, although it takes a while to really blow up.

download it here.

and here's the tracklist:

Burial - CD Intro
Loefah - Truly Dread
DJ Kudos - No Man's Land
Digital Mystikz - Give Jah Glory
Burial - Wounder
Vex'd - Bombardment Of Saturn
DJ Kudos - B-Town
Vex'd - Killing Floor
Alter Ego - Rocker (Plastician Remix)
Benga & Coki - Drumz West
Skream - Tortured Soul
Rossi B & Luca - Frequency 7
The Bug - Jah War (Loefah Remix)
DJ Kudos - There's A Party
Skream - Midnight Request Line
Rossi B & Luca - Nobody Knows
Slaughtermob - Pull Up
Benga & Coki - Night
Skream - Blue Eyez
Rusko - Jahova
More to come...

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