Wednesday, 10 October 2012

REQage, an Ambient mix of Req (One) material

REQage, an Ambient mix of Req (One) material

my first mix created with editing software, rather than live.
tracks used will be posted on Souncloud in due course.

Here's a little story of how it happened.

I subscribe to a mailing list for fans of the KLF, the long defunct rave act and all round post-punk anarchists Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond.

People on the list post snippets of info about anything relating to their current activities, or anything that might be of interest to fans.

A recent mail referenced a mix on soundcloud , a mix by DJ Food of DJ Shadow ambient snippets , wchih has artwork that pays homage to a classic KL long-plyer, "Chill Out".

I checked the mix and was, to use an owerworn phrase in its most literal meaning, inspired by it. So inspired that the night after checking it, I spent about 3 hours putting together this similar collage of ambient tracks and snippets from another abstract hip-hop pioneer, REQ.

The work involved cutting snippets from tracks, (some ripped from CD, and others from vinyl) then loading them into Audacity and arraging them in layers in an order that gave some structure to the whole mix.

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